Visitors say, now this is a real bookstore..

Welcome to Poor Richard's Books, home of thousands of books across from the state's beautiful Old Capitol building. Independent bookseller, Lizz, mans the fort, as well as serves with Downtown Frankfort, the local Main Street Program. "Poor Richard" is a former Poet Laureate of Kentucky and retired professor of English & Humanities at Kentucky State University, but now teaches at Transylvania University. Poor Richard's specializes in Kentucky titles, and also has an attic full of bibliophilic treasures awaiting their rightful home. You can listen to music, and ease into your reprieve from the hectic world with a delicious, iced latte. We have been supporting reading and community in Frankfort for over 30 years. You are sure to find what you need to complete your Kentucky collection.

Poor Richard's in the Guardian

Poor Richard's got a mention in the British newspaper, The Guardian.

In a section entitled "Bookshop memories: share your photos and stories," a reader submitted a photo of the store and called us a "bastion of independent bookselling...".


Suzanne Gray's 'Mindfulness Journal'



We live in an age of visual noise, responding to flashing graphics, electronic devices and fast-moving video.

This constant stimulation makes it hard to remember that our eyes can be a source of rest.  The quieter, simpler things we so often overlook can be the ones to refresh and restore us.

Each of these prompt invites your attention to a small detail over the course of a single day, and to write briefly about what you see.  This mindfulness practice will retrain your eye and bring you closer to your sprititual and creative center.

Suzanne Gray of Frankfort is the creator of a blog devoted to creative living.  Her blog was nominated and a finalist for the Best Art Blog in the Weblog 2014 Awards.


New Title From Richard Taylor!

Richard Taylor has done it again- another book of poetry! You can get a SIGNED copy of Rain Shadow in the store for only $18.00 (plus tax). Come get yours today!

Can't make it into the store? Don't worry! We can ship it to you! Call us at (502) 223-8018 for more details.


Comments on Rain Shadow

"The poems come from solitude and close study of the immediate world with things in it, living and dying.  Richard Taylor makes this exalted state seem perfectly natural."       

- Maurice Manning

" Rain Shadow contains some of Taylor's strongest work. And though it's his nature poems I love best here, there are pleasures on every page."

- Jeff Worley

"This book explains much, / including how each of us / becomes each. The mortality of people, the immortality of suffering. The interaction of shadow and light."

-Katerina Stoykova-Klemer

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